Entrees/Prepared Meals

If you ever feel like going out to dinner but don’t want to spend the money, our deli is the perfect place to visit! Come into a local Highland Park Market and try our homemade entrees. These restaurant quality ready-made meals are made fresh daily with only the finest and freshest ingredients from each of our departments. We provide customers with traditional recipes, as you will be sure to find meals like chicken parmesan, shepherd’s pie and macaroni and cheese, comfort foods at their finest. Constantly adding to our menus depending on the season, we may showcase fiddleheads in the spring and a selection of squashes in the fall, making sure to supply our customers with the most desirable product out there.

Our full service deli also has a supreme selection of homemade sides and salads. Classic sides like egg potato, macaroni and chicken salads are made with the richest ingredients like Hellmann’s Extra Heavy Mayonnaise. If you are on the go and want a healthier option, try one of our green salads. We make sure to offer delicious combinations to spice up our greens with options like strawberry gorgonzola salad made with mesculin greens and topped with glazed pecans.

In today’s world, we know family time may be sparse. In order to make more time for family, Highland Park Market now offers Pasta Meals to Go. These are family size pasta dishes that will have you spending more time with your family than with the kitchen. We offer a variety of recipes like Penne a la Vodka, Ziti with Marinara sauce and Fettuccini Alfredo.

Let Highland Park Market take away the added stress of putting together a meal at the end of the day or provide you with that extra time to be with the ones you love by choosing any number of our prepared meals and salads.

Fresh from the Deli

With premium products and a full service counter, our deli is among the best in the country. Come in and pick from a wide selection of cold cuts and have our staff slice to your specifications. We pride ourselves on our own label of fine quality cold cuts. With Highland Park Market on the label, we make sure to provide you the very best product which offers Certified Angus beef, fresh turkey breast and old fashioned off the bone ham, all of which are minimally processed and hand trimmed with no added preservatives.

You can select from other optimum brands like Boar’s Head, boars head deli meatsWillowbrook, Plainville Farms, Russer, Margherita, Land O’ Lakes and Kretschmar. We also serve local Connecticut brand products like Grote and Weigel and Muckes.

If you are in the mood for a great sandwich, Highland Park Market’s deli should be your one and only stop. Why? Not only does our deli use the best quality cold cuts but we also use breads baked fresh daily. Most importantly, every sandwich is made to order; every decision is in the hands of our customers from start to finish. The choice is yours from what kind of bread to what kind of meat and how much. We listen to all of your selections and build a truly original sandwich every time you place an order. So whether you are in the mood for a roll, wrap or grinder, turkey, roast beef or ham, come into Highland Park Market for a truly great sandwich made just for you.